Thank you for your interest in joining CESA!

I'm really impressed by the professionalism of CESA and really appreciate the high quality of service it delivers to its members. CESA is one of the best-managed and most effective trade groups I've ever participated in.

          Lars Stephan, Senior Manager, Regulatory & Government Relations, Younicos


Shape the market. Demonstrate leadership. Stay current. Access experts.


From regulatory action to thought leadership, CESA delivers value to its members through a host of compelling Member Benefits:

Advocacy & Market Development -- Regulatory Action, Grassroots Legislative Efforts, Key Policymaker Education General Member Steering Committee
  Guide near and long-term organizational strategy through participation in annual and ongoing strategy meetings   X
  Chair specific issue-oriented Working Groups   X
  Review and shape drafts of significant filings and governmental communications X X
  Provide input and content on CESA publications and other thought leadership pieces X X
Market & Regulatory Intelligence -- California, Federal, International
  Receive advance (pre-public) notification of upcoming RFP's when possible   X
  Receive timely forwarding of publicly released RFP's and other business opportunities X X
  Receive comprehensive monthly industry and market updates via monthly calls X X
  Receive real-time, issue-specific updates via email X X
  Participate in CESA educational webinars on key topics X X
Expert Access -- Janice Lin, Don Liddell, Alex Morris
  Facilitated, personalized introductions to key industry stakeholders as appropriate   X
  Receive additional personalized attention regarding CESA policy issues from CESA leadership, as reasonable   X
  Interface with organizational leadership through routine communications X X
Networking & Relationship Building -- Industry and Utility Leaders, Government Officials, Market Operators, Potential Customers
  Represent CESA in key face-to-face meetings with utility and government decision makers   X
  Regularly build relationships through CESA events, conferences, meetings and gatherings X X
  Network with industry leaders at CESA's Annual Market Development Forum X X
Industry Leadership -- Thought Leadership, Prominence & Recognition
  Moderate/lead/present relevant topics at CESA's Annual Market Development Meeting and Webinars   X
  Prominent leadership recognition in CESA's Webinars and Annual Market Development Forum promotional materials   X
  Company listing on CESA promotional materials and filings as a member company X X
  Provide input on CESA publications, filings and presentations X X
Monetary Savings -- Reduced Legal Fees, CESA Event Passes, Discounts to Partner Events
  Sponsorship-level recognition in CESA's Annual Market Development Forum promotional materials   X
  Significantly reduced cost of regulatory activity through avoided governmental affairs and in-house legal staff expenses X X
  Pre-negotiated CESA member discounts to industry partner events X X

Special membership levels for individuals and start-up organizations are available on a case-by-case basis. For a more detailed review of our active policy areas and staff, please review the Membership Prospectus.  

If you are interested in learning more about CESA and how membership may bring value to you and your organization, please contact Jin Noh ( or 510-665-7811 x109) or fill out the form below and we'll contact you soon.